5 steps to being Proactive

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Procrastination – we all do it! Putting off a challenge or procrastination on a job or chore, or an obligation can have a negative effect on us – consistently avoiding tasks and activities can create a downward spiral. So – 5 easy ways to start being proactive and a lot happier and productive as a result too!

  1. Clear out that kitchen drawer! – You know – the one that gathers everything – you’ll get an immediate sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Plus clearing clutter also frees up your space in your mind.
  2. Reconfigure your morning routine – research shows that establishing a morning routine can mean a productive or a non-productive day. Really think about what you want to achieve that day.
  3. Get work done in the morning – Before you get sucked into emails and “busy” tasks, schedule the big tasks for the morning when your brain is most alert.
  4. Break it down – if it’s a big project break it down into small chunks and tasks and get one done every day. Doing 30 minutes of research (focused) will help you feel you got something done towards that task.
  5. Deal with distraction – it’s the biggest robber of productivity. If you need to get something done switch off phone, notifications and emails and spend just 20 minutes on it. Then another 20 and before you know it you’ll have done a LOT!
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