7 Skills in the Jewish Orthodox Community

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We will be running more workshops with these delightful young women throughout 2019


In April I had the privilege of being invited into North London’s Jewish Orthodox Community to deliver experiential learning workshop to groups of wonderfully engaged women. My role? To raise awareness of the skills of adaptability, being proactive and empathy. The women in this community are very protected and live their lives based on Old Testament ways and customs. The request for these workshops has come from a growing awareness that there is a hunger for being able to understand softer skills and, specifically, to be able to contextualise such skills for themselves. This is crucial and a vital part of the way we work. We allow every group we work with to decide for themselves what these skills mean, why they are important and how they can go about developing them day-to-day.

The groups were delightful to work with and I think it must have been the first time that they had been exposed to this type of workshop. Here’s what they told us:

“..Highly thought provoking – Thanks so much for encouraging me!”

“..Really enjoyed the experiential aspect of tuning in to find my adaptability and being proactive skills..”

“.. really eye-opening, teaching me more about myself and my ability to empathise effectively…”

“..I found the workshop very interesting, informative and enjoyable and please G0d so very useful in life..”

We know that self-awareness is the cornerstone of all behavioural change and that these seven skills are ones that are strengthened day-to-day throughout life. Workshops like this deliver powerful learning yet we do not vary any of the exercises that we use! They are the same for every single group – from NHS doctors to corporate lawyers and from graduates to HR teams. What changes is how each group contextualises them and how WE work with what emerges from individuals. This enables each workshop participant to experience change, self-growth and have some immediate strategies in place from which to continue.