Y is for Yoga

 Yoga makes you happy! This I know without a doubt as I practice it regularly and every time I do I wonder why I do not do it every day! Much of our unhappiness as humans comes from our [...]

W is for Writing

Want to write a book? Want to blog? Want to express yourself better and clear mental clutter? The answer is to start writing. And keep writing. I was going through some old files recently [...]

V is for Va Va Voom!

 What makes you truly joyful? Happiness has to be about having purpose and joy in your life. A bit of va va voom! For me sometimes, like today, a bit of va va voom was easy to create - I just [...]

U is for U-turn

When you realise you need to just turn around and go in a different direction? Sometime life can be like that - knowing when to make that U-turn can be hard though. Especially if it's the result [...]

T is for Time (for Tea)

To be truly productive and effective we need to move seamlessly between performance and renewal during the course of a day. This is done through a combination of the 90-minute sprints coupled [...]

S is for Sleep

So - how much are you getting? When it comes to sleep most of us are simply not getting enough to sustain happiness, productivity or effectiveness levels. Being busy is like a badge of honour and [...]

R is for Resilience

Being able to handle rejection with grace, humour and positivity is not easy. Rejection is tough to handle, no matter how upbeat, resilient and optimistic you might be (and I am). Yet, rejection [...]

Q is for Questions

Want to instantly improve your relationships? Ask more questions. It will help get rid of the assumptions and judgements we constantly make, give an immediate boost to our listening skills and [...]

Q is for Questions

One of the most effective things you can do to build your relationships is to simply ask more questions. The more you can do this the less you believe your own judgements and assumptions - [...]

O is for Optimism

Optimism is as easy as ABC – yes, really! The world is not divided into pessimists and optimists after all. We each have the capacity to be optimistic and passionate about life if we can just [...]

N is for Now

Now is all we ever have. There is only now, the present moment. Our ability to be in the present moment has a direct connection with happiness levels. Yet it is one of the hardest things to [...]

M is for Mindfulness

Mindfulness really really can make you happy! Mindfulness involves a particular way of giving our attention to our present-moment experience. Mindfulness can help reduce worrying and fretting, or [...]

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