What are soft skills?

Not everyone likes the term “soft skills”. But whether you call them essential skills, generic/core skills, personal development, employability or life skills they possess things we all need.  It is important to strive for sharper critical thinking and develop a willingness to take risks.  Consequently, by using initiative, we can build confidence to create adaptability and flexibility.  As a result  we will have project passion and enthusiasm.

Unimenta is for anyone wanting  to develop these kinds of skills. You’ll find lots of resources, tips,  webinars and personalised support.

Discover the different sections to Unimenta

Free Courses: The 7 skills broken down into bitesize chunks to start your development

Online Modules: An extension of the free course.  The certificated online modules are full of videos, podcasts and optional one to one coaching.

Masterclasses: For individuals and organisations to discover how the 7 skills can impact their life day to day

One to One Coaching: A personalised experience to help you discover the  7 skills and develop your professional and interpersonal skills

Alongside these, we have a book, a journal and a podcast.

Peoples feet passion led us to unimenta

About Us – Who are We?

We are a highly specialised team of experts in materials design, training, digital and education. Together we drive and develop Unimenta and make sure everything runs smoothly. Our industry is pretty unregulated therefore we are committed to providing the very best.

Meet our team



Emma Sue is an award winning employability and soft skills expert, international author, materials designer and consultant with a sterling track record of projects.

Emma Sue Prince is a specialist in experiential learning and believes 100% that this methodology is key to developing life skills and soft skills as it is the only way to develop self-awareness, upon which all behavioural change is based. Emma Sue is author of 7 Skills for the Future, published by Pearson Business in 2019.
She delivers powerful workshops based on her book and does so with many different target groups including “closed” groups such as Muslim communities in Bangladesh and North Africa and diverse groups in the UK including lawyers, doctors and software engineers. She also trains trainers to facilitate using the same experiential methodology. Emma Sue’s successful approach lies in working totally in the moment with a group and with what emerges from that group. She uses drama, improvisation, team-based games and problem-solving which highlight default behaviour and heighten self-awareness.
Emma Sue is passionate about a group developing their own context for the 7 skills of adaptability, empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. In this way real and powerful learning outcomes emerge from which strategies, progression and ideas can be defined.
Emma Sue is committed to supporting young people and her workshops are also run with secondary schools, youth offending teams and with young people who are not in education, training or employment.
Her expertise is sought after in emerging and developing countries as well as in the UK training trainers, designing materials and providing consultancy on employability skills. This work has taken her all over the world and has given her a leading reputation in the field.

Alison Rood

As Lead Trainer, Alison works closely with Emma-Sue to deliver the 7 skills for the future workshops, and specialises in empowering digital project professionals to thrive in the career they love.

As a trainer and consultant, Alison specialises in working with Digital Project Managers to guide and support them to achieve the core skills they need to get ahead; Empathy, Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Integrity, Resilience, Being Proactive, and Optimism. Alison regularly delivers workshops in London to Digital Project Management professionals and in wider industries including the NHS, Law firms and Universities.

Alison is passionate about training and is proficient in designing and delivering training sessions tailored to the digital market. Alison recognises the necessity for digital professionals to have an enhanced skill set. In 2015, Alison obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in the Delivery of Soft Skills and Experiential Learning. Alison furthered her studies into soft skills and trained with author Emma-Sue Prince to become a Licensed Trainer of the 7 skills for the future.

Alison is a Digital Project Manager with 15 years experience in Project and Account Management in a broad range of environments including digital media, marketing and branding, textiles and manufacturing.


Rhian Fowler-Utip

Rhian is a qualified teacher and heads up all our work with young people. He takes the skills workshops into pupil referral units and youth offending groups.

Rhian has over 8 years of experience working as a Teacher Trainer, Teacher and tutor both in the UK and overseas. He has worked in a number of education and development focused organisations; such as Project HOPE, CfBT Education Trust and Centrepoint. In these organisations Rhian has led and delivered educational and development programmes aimed at vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and especially young people. Rhian’s recent work has been with the British Council to deliver English language and methodology training to tutors at teachers’ colleges in Tanzania. He was involved in designing the new EfT Teacher training materials rolled out nationally; and worked as part of a team to facilitate, conduct and evaluate training for over 100 District Teacher Trainers. Rhian now works with Unimenta to support the development of skills workshops for young people, and lectures at Croydon College.

Chris Dudley

Chris is one of the UK's top life coaches and is dedicated to supporting people through personal and professional change.

Chris is a coach and trainer specialising in Learning and Development. In January 2016, he launched his life coaching and training business to support individuals to achieve balance and success in all areas of their life. As a Trainer, Chris has the Certificate in Learning and Development and the Diploma in Human Resource Development awarded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, of which he is an Associate Member. As a Life Coach, Chris is a Master Coach Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Chris is proud to be an Associate of Unimenta and offers guidance and support to members as an expert in the field of coaching. Chris’ driving force is his commitment to guide and support others to be more tomorrow than they are today.

Karen Halahan

Karen is a qualified teacher working in the UK and internationally. She is licensed to deliver all our skills workshops and specialises in working with young people.

Karen has 20 years experience working in education as a teacher and a trainer both in the UK and internationally. She's been involved in a range of education development projects in Asia and Africa focusing on professional development of in-service and pre-service teachers with organisations such as CfBT education Trust, VSO and the British Council.

Karen currently teaches in UK primary schools and is heading up our work to make the 7 skills accessible to schools.

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