Who we are and what we do.

Our story:


Welcome to Unimenta. We’re passionate about soft skills.

What are they?
Whether you call them soft skills, generic/core skills, personal development, employability or life skills, we all need sharper critical thinking, a willingness to take risks, use initiative, have confidence, adaptability and flexibility, project passion and enthusiasm.

Unimenta is for anyone wanting to develop these kinds of skills or help others to do so. You’ll find lots of resources, tips, ideas, exercises and webinars and personalised friendly support.

Who we are:


Introducing the small, perfectly-formed Unimenta team! We drive Unimenta and make sure everything runs smoothly. Our associates offer expertise and guidance in their areas of expertise to ensure you’re getting the very best training advice and resources from Unimenta.

Find out more about our Associates and Licensed Trainers by clicking through our gallery below.

Who we are:

Our Licensed Trainers

Our Licensed Trainers are personally trained and supported directly by Emma Sue Prince to deliver The Advantage Workshop to a range of clients.

Each trainer has their own specialist target market and area of expertise, enabling us to match them to your specific requirements – simply click the Licensed Trainer photos to find out more.

Find out more about The Advantage Workshop here.

  • Andy Hemmingway Public Sector (Police, Fire, Forces) and Corporate Business

    “I am a confident and versatile L&D Consultant and a qualified Lean and Continuous Improvement coach”.

  • Alison Rood BSc (Hons), PostGrad Cert in Soft skills and experiential learning, Digital Project Management specialist

    “Alison was calm,engaging, encouraged others’ viewpoints and offered clarity when needed.”

  • Manley O’connor Educational Specialist

    “I am a good-natured individual with strong motivational skills, commitment and drive”.

  • Andrew Search BA(Hons), MBA(Cran), ACIB, FCMI, Grad CIPD

    “I am passionate about delivering for the customer, through facilitating the self-development of others”.

  • Kate King MEng (Hons) FRSA, CELTA, PTLLS, PGCE (QTS, Maths)

    “I am passionate about empowering others, especially in enabling them to facilitate their own learning”.

  • Jacinta Hargadon BA Hons, PGCE, MSc, MAC, BPS Level A & B

    “I’m passionate about personal development and making positive changes in people’s work”.

  • Andrea Giraldez PhD in Philosophy and Education (UNED)

    Postgraduate Certificate in the Delivery of Soft Skills and Experiential Learning.

  • Gabriela Anna Weglowska MA (Hons) IBC, TCA Coach, BCTC & ICF Trainer

    I am a soft-skills and diversity competence trainer.