Adaptability in the face of change

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Uncertainty and change are a given and you may be facing a lot of it now in your life or feel it around you– this webinar explores why we are so resistant to change, where this originates and some easy ways we can become more adaptable. The more we can do this in small ways the easier it is when we face big change.

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By learning how to be more adaptable, we become better equipped to respond when faced with a life crisis or a big, big change. Resilient people often use these events as an opportunity to branch out in new directions. While some people may be crushed by abrupt changes, highly resilient individuals are able to adapt and thrive.

Join me on Tuesday and I’ll show you some easy ways to flex those adaptability skills!

What I am talking about is cultivating self-awareness, hard work and healthy optimism. That means being able to accurately assess a situation, being able to differentiate between facts and feelings and having a faith in your own ability to move forward constructively focusing on what you can do in any given situation.

Each of us really does have untapped potential and strengths that we generally are not using to the full. Our current economic and world situation invites us to step up to the plate and examine that potential and dare to live it. We live in an exciting era of opportunity and change is one way of looking at our current pressures in a different light.

Join us tomorrow to find out how!