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We deliver The Advantage; Seven Skills for the Future at venues across the globe, both at open sessions and to private companies. Read more about where we are delivering and why, and find an event nearby where you can get The Advantage for yourself!



Central London – Friday June 28th, 2019 – ONE DAY ONLY!

Up until now we have only ever offered our workshops to closed groups. Now for the first time you can experience an Advantage 7 Skills for the Future 1-day workshop experience for yourself and change your life. Only £100 per person – special discounted rate for 2019 only. Sign up now.


20th February 2019, 19:00-20:00 GMT

Please note this is an online event

A 1hr webinar focusing on 7 core skills crucial for today: adaptabilitycritical
empathyintegrityoptimismbeing proactive, and resilience. These skills are vital in gaining and improving personal and professional success. This webinar has been tailored for digital leaders – providing you with the skills you need to get ahead in leadership.

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Soft Skills for the Ordthodox Jewish Community.
Soft Skills for the Ordthodox Jewish Community.

Emma Sue was delighted to deliver 2 workshops on Adaptability, Being Proactive and Empathy to groups of young women from the orthodox Jewish community in North London in May. The workshops were successful, and Emma Sue returned to the Jewish Orthodox Community to deliver further workshops in July on resilience, integrity, and being proactive.

The Advantage was chosen because of its experiential nature and because the facilitator works “in the moment” with what emerges from the group.

Soft Skills for The NHS
Soft Skills for The NHS

We were delighted to offer two special one-day Advantage workshops to NHS staff in Cambridge last September, with a focus on adaptability, being proactive, optimism and resilience, followed on 15th March by an afternoon of one-hour Advantage sessions on empathy, resilience and mindfulness.

This was part of a series of Advantage workshops rolling out within the NHS, including a special event on June 12th to support internal staff, GPs and consultants in encouraging and promoting resilience with their colleagues.

We’ll be following this in November with a series of workshops on resilience, empathy and mindfulness, delivered to newly arrived doctors in the UK.

Soft Skills for Young People
Soft Skills for Young People

On 25th July, 29th August and later in the autumn, Unimenta associate Rhian Fowler-Utip and Licensed Trainer Manley O’Connor will be delivering The Advantage workshop you young people and Newham Youth Offending Team. This is part of an ongoing relationship with the YOT which sees regular participation in workshops with measurable results.

Cameron McKenna Law Firm
Cameron McKenna Law Firm

On Wednesday 23rd May Emma Sue delivered a well received training session to Cameron McKenna Law Firm – see the word cloud for keywords from the feedback. We delivered Adaptability, Empathy and Optimism to a group of 12 and followed it up in June with a further session. This pilot was successful, and we will be delivering to the team there regularly: The next training will run in October 2018.

Soft Skills for Service Now!
Soft Skills for Service Now!

Emma Sue ran a successful 2-hour Advantage taster session on the 14th June at Service Now, delivering the session to 30-40 people. On 26th July she will be one of their speakers at their Spark event.

The West Midlands Virtaul Schools Heads
The West Midlands Virtaul Schools Heads

On 14th june, licensed trainer Kate King ran a very successful taster session at the the West Midlands Virtual School Heads in Birmingham. Summer workshops will be run in Wolverhampton and Hereford with secondary school pupils.

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