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What is it?

The Advantage is a two-day experiential learning workshop which raises immediate awareness of the skills of adaptability, empathy, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. These are the skills that underpin everything else in terms of effectiveness and impact.

How does it work?

Experiential learning are real-life experiences conducted with effective debrief and reflection. They are high-impact because the learning focuses on the individual and group in the moment.

How is it different?

Most off-the-shelf training (role-plays, discussions, techniques etc.) is ineffective because participants don’t retain the learning and are unable to apply it in their day-to-day work. The Advantage is a proven concept that works every time because the facilitator works with real issues emerging from the workshop. The Advantage accelerates learning, provides a safe environment to take risks and take on challenges, bridges the gap between theory and practice, produces demonstrable mindset changes, increases engagement levels, enables personalized learning and delivers exceptional return on investment. The Advantage is a simple model that can be rolled out widely without a compromise on quality.

Case Studies


The Advantage is currently being run with a number of different target groups in the UK, Hungary and India, ranging from senior managers (Nestle and Starbucks) to people returning to employment (Affinity Sutton Housing Association) and young people not in education or training (NEET) to open workshops (held at Southbank Centre London). It works with such diverse groups because the facilitator works only with what emerges from that group during that particular session.


Welsh Education Authority Pupil Referral Unit

In May 2017 we granted a special license to 3 teachers and 2 behavioural specialists to run The Advantage with young people in the largest pupil referral unit in the UK. Emma Sue trained the five practitioners who went through the two-day Advantage workshop themselves interwoven with training on delivering it to disengaged young people. The overall aim of this new partnership is that The Advantage will be run as part of a wider long-term educational strategy in Wales to reach young people both in and out of school including introducing it into mainstream education.


“Thank you so much. I feel that over the three days of became a stronger person. I really enjoyed learning more about myself while gathering skills to help empower the young people in which I work with.”


Affinity Sutton Housing Association

Between 2014 and 2016 we worked with this housing association’s most vulnerable residents supporting them with The Advantage to help them back into employment. The Advantage was run on a bi-monthly basis and included a third day where the focus was on helping participants work towards an ASDAN short-course in leadership. This partnership also led to us being able to deliver a funded pilot to young offenders in Elstree and Borehamwood.


“In two days this workshop has really changed the way I look at everything! I can’t even imagine what I will learn by the third day”


Nestle Bangladesh

The Advantage was delivered to a group of Nestle senior managers here in December 2015 as part of their leadership development. Experiential learning is relatively new in this part of the world and the workshop was seen as transformative and a highlight.


“I’ve learnt about myself, my strengths and weaknesses from these 2 days. I am going to apply [what I have learnt] whenever I’m lacking confidence. I would recommend this training to others.”

“I would recommend [The Advantage] to others because after this training session I met with a new person… a person who is confident, who knows how to adapt to difficult situations and knows how to say YES.”

What participants say


  • Excellent use of diverse materials, activities, visuals, props and variety of delivery methods. Very stimulating, fun and enjoyable.

  • I enjoyed learning new strategies that will help me both personally and professionally. I enjoyed all the challenges that were set.

  • It was excellent and really valuable to me.

  • The sessions are a great way of starting to think about your approach in certain situations - they really raise your self-awareness.

  • I would definitely recommend this training to others. I would honestly say it was the best and most powerful training i have ever attended. I feel that many of the ideas I will use daily both personally and professionally. Since attending the training I feel that I have found a new inside strengh. I am going to make a conscious effort to push myself where possible out of my comfort zone. I feel that this training without doubt will help the young people that I work with. I hope that as I can do this training justice as we start our new adventure of passing on your skills.

  • I enjoyed how practical the training was and its the most involved I've got on training.

  • Thank you so much. I feel that over the three days of became a stronger person. I really enjoyed learning more about myself while gathering skills to help empower the young people which I work with.

  • "I was able to identifywith many exercises so it was helpful to then apply them within the context of my working environment."

  • "I didn't realise it would be so interactive, which was good, hearing and sharing experiences with likeminded people, and each concept broken down into bite-sized chunks."

  • "This [workshop] identifies the experiences and different pressures or emotions a DPM might go through and how this could be improved through small adjustments. I would recommend it."

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