V is for Va Va Voom!

 What makes you truly joyful? Happiness has to be about having purpose and joy in your life. A bit of va va voom! For me sometimes, like today, a bit of va va voom was easy to create - I just [...]

Bone Dry

All of January I've been feeling amazing!  I wake up bursting with energy, I feel clear, vibrant and motivated and everyone is telling me how well I look. It's almost the end of January and I [...]

Take 5

Think January is a long and gloomy month? Think again and get yourself out in nature every single day this month! Personally, January is my favourite month and I know I'm probably in a minority [...]

2 minutes in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if you could breeze through your workday feeling calm, happy and productive? Or what about going to meetings full of ideas, creativity and energy? It’s not like that though, [...]

Forget self-help in 2020

2020 really is going to be your best year ever! We often start a new year with intentions or resolutions but these are largely a waste of time. That’s because these are very short-term solutions [...]

U is for U-turn

When you realise you need to just turn around and go in a different direction? Sometime life can be like that - knowing when to make that U-turn can be hard though. Especially if it's the result [...]

Autumn News

I just love the Autumn - it has got to be one of my very favourite times of year. It's about new beginnings, much more so than January.... Summer is over, schools go back after a long break and [...]