O is for Optimism

Optimism is as easy as ABC – yes, really! The world is not divided into pessimists and optimists after all. We each have the capacity to be optimistic and passionate about life if we can just [...]

Great Expectations

To have more satisfaction and equilibrium in our lives we need to learn how our brain deals with expectations and manage ourselves accordingly. Easier said than done though.The brain is finely [...]

N is for Now

Now is all we ever have. There is only now, the present moment. Our ability to be in the present moment has a direct connection with happiness levels. Yet it is one of the hardest things to [...]

World Voice Day

Have you ever stopped to think just how important your voice is? Something you use every single day whether it's with loved ones, work colleagues, clients, friends and whether in person, on the [...]

M is for Mindfulness

Mindfulness really really can make you happy! Mindfulness involves a particular way of giving our attention to our present-moment experience. Mindfulness can help reduce worrying and fretting, or [...]

L is for Laughter

When's the last time you had a really great, belly-aching laugh? As well as being just plain good fun, laughing has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, improve concentration and [...]

5 tips to better email

We all use email but most of us are actually not very good at it! We are constantly checking it - even on the go or in the evenings and weekends when we need to wind down - and the inbox never [...]

Walk to work today!

Today is Walk to Work Day! Walking to work, who does that anymore? All the rushing around we feel we have to do and hitting the snooze button 5 times before crawling out of bed and barely getting [...]

J is for Joy

When was the last time you experienced real joy?  Joy is an emotion, and emotions are wordless. They're pure physical sensations in our bodies. We express the emotion of joy in many physical [...]

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