Chocolate and Comfort Zones

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You may well wonder what chocolate has in common with comfort zones! Well, I only made the connection after taking part in a gourmet chocolate bar making day last week. This was supposed to be a “me” day, something I booked ages ago as a fun new skill. I love baking, I’ve toyed with making chocolates so I just anticipated a fun day. But it did not start off like that at all! 

I spent the evening and the morning before leaving for the workshop making sure my son was organised for his last day of SATS, ensuring the dog walker was coming at the right time, putting together our dinner in the slow cooker and sorting out some final work emails. The result was that I did not factor in parking time and arrived at the workshop late and flustered.

I soon discovered that making chocolate bars was very fiddly and involved a lot of skill and attention to detail, which I do not like. I immediately noticed that within half an hour of arriving I actually felt sick and wanted to leave! I was in full flight/fight mode. I knew this was out of my comfort zone and this is a classic reaction.

I also knew that I could rise above this and find a way of getting into my stretch zone – this meant drinking lots of water, breathing to get myself more grounded and then giving the workshop and the skills my undivided attention. My mind was on a million other things apart from where I actually was. I ended up really enjoying the workshop, laughing at my own observations of my perceived “clumsiness” and fear of “not getting it right”. The result – 20 gourmet chocolate bars with artisan fillings and finishes and a lesson in being adaptable.

Every day gives us opportunities to work on these skills – even unexpectedly!

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