How do you identify your USP in a crowded market?

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The training market is saturated with freelancers, coaches and microbusinesses all offering a variety of services. How do you differentiate what YOU offer – what is your unique selling point? In a crowded market place this is imperative.

My free webinar this Tuesday 12th March 1 pm GMT helps you define your USP and use it to win business. 

If you’re a trainer or coach you are very likely working as a freelancer or micro business – as in just you. You have to do everything – hidden behind the great coaching, training and services you offer is a whole host of other work connected with marketing, selling and branding. And nobody told you about all the FREE stuff you have to offer and all the WORK involved in being visible on social media platforms.

If you don’t know what your Unique Selling Point USP is, neither will anyone else.

Join us on Tuesday for friends discussion, advice and tips. Let’s all help each other!