How to Study Smarter by Discovering Your Learning Style (Infographic)

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Each and every person has different learning preferences and styles that work for them. Discover your unique learning style and improve your study skills today.

Research shows that everyone has their own unique learning style. Gaining a better awareness of how your brain processes information can help refine your study technique and boost your chances of academic success.

What are the Different Learning Styles?
The writer George Evans once said that “Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.” In fact, research on learning styles backs this up and experts have identified five main learning styles, these are:

1. Visual learners who learn best through seeing
2. Auditory learners process information best through hearing
3. Kinesthetic / tactile learners who need to take a more hands-on approach
4. Solitary learners who absorb information best through social interaction
5. Social learners who learn best on their own

What’s more, studies have found that most people have a mix of learning styles with one dominant style. Many people also tend to use different styles in different circumstances.

Make Your Study Sessions More Productive
If you would like to learn more about the best study techniques for each learning style, then you may want to check out this super informative infographic from Study Medicine Europe. This handy graphic explores the five main learning styles and outlines effective study tips for each one. It also includes some general tips to help make every study session as productive as

Read the infographic below to find out more.