Mindfulness Challenge 3 – The Week of Love

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Kindness and compassion are energies that help us make connections with others and with ourselves. A loving heart also reduces fear and anxiety. So this week, find 5 – 10 minutes each day to practise the mindful nurturing of loving kindness:

  1. Take a comfortable, alert position and focus on your breathing. Close your eyes
  2. Think of a person whom you love. This could be a friend, family member or life partner. Create a mental image of that person.
  3. Think of the reasons why you love that person. Name your feelings towards them
  4. Articulate the wellbeing you wish for this person; the kindness you’d like them to receive
  5. See how many people you can do this exercise towards this week. It’s even more effective if you can practise it with someone in mind you don’t necessarily feel love towards. You can still wish them well.