Mindfulness Challenge 4 – Mindful Mornings

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Being mindful in the morning puts you in the best position to deal with the challenges that the coming day might throw at you. So each morning this week, from the moment you wake up, try this exercises before letting the world in (and before looking at your phone!):

  1. Before doing anything else, give yourself  a peaceful moment. Sit on the edge of your bed or in the bathroom and just breathe slowly. For now, let any thoughts about the upcoming day drift past
  2. Be present in your activities. Give your full attention to the individual aspects of your morning routine that you usually perform automatically. So feel the water of the shower trickle down your body, appreciate the fresh smell of the shower gel, notice the sensations in your mouth as you brush your teeth, savour your breakfast
  3. Accept your imperfections. Don’t be too hard on yourself with your expectations of the day
  4. If you live with others, interact with them and when you set off for the day, say a meaningful goodbye