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For people who need to communicate effectively, especially in situations in which there is a lot at stake. 2 hour workshop comprises: Trainer notes and tips, warmer exercise + 4 short group exercises to raise awareness of what empathy is and how we can use it more effectively, PPT slides + further activities and resources.



These exercises focus on blending essential hard skills like critical thinking and commercial awareness) with building self awareness, confidence, team work and presentation skills giving an all-round intensive day.

The Advantage for Entrepreneurs


Taking key soft skills from her book The Advantage, Emma Sue Prince identifies how you can apply an entrepreneurial mind-set to all aspects of your work. Whether you are thinking of starting a business, running a start-up or reinventing your career, this little e-book will help you succeed.

The Advantage for Graduates


The world of work for graduates is very different now. Nothing is predictable and graduates today need a whole raft of crucial skills to be equipped to handle the uncertainty, creativity, resourcefulness and agility that this new world demands. This Ebook focuses on you, giving you the advantage to stay one step ahead, fulfill the potential you’ve been nurturing all your life and just be brilliant!

The Advantage for Mid-Lifers


Taking key soft skills from her groundbreaking book and awareness-raising workshops, Emma Sue Prince identifies how you can embrace adaptability and integrity to celebrate the best years of your life. This little e-book focuses on sharpening two key skills that will help you have that advantage and live a meaningful and happy life.