Reasons to be kinder

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Did you know that one key to happiness is kindness? Simply by choosing the kind action or gesture or just going out of your way to practice kindness towards others can give you a big boost. Being kind reduces stress, improves your mood and even bolsters your immunity! Other benefits include helping you develop confidence and energy levels as well as manage anxiety.

So, since it’s National Kindness Day today – here are some ideas to try:

5 minute kindnesses – writing thank you cards, sending someone flowers (for no reason), paying a compliment, opening a door for someone, introducing two people to each other, paying for someone’s coffee

1 hour kindnesses – baking someone a cake, write 5 lovely recommendations on LinkedIn, write some Amazon reviews, cook a meal for someone, help someone out who is struggling with giving a presentation or working on something that you have expertise in

1 day kindnesses – buy Christmas gifts for a family in need or donate anonymously, volunteer at a hospice or shelter for a day, use your work skills to help out a non-profit or charity, host a fundraiser

There are probably loads more you can think of yourself. Have fun!