The Nr 1 skill that can transform your whole life

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Empathy is one skill that will transform your life. It’s probably one of the most important skills you can cultivate. You have to step out of our own little bubble to use it as a skill. This requires putting your own “stuff” aside and choosing to see any situation through the other person’s eyes. Easier said than done though.

Developing skills that are uniquely “human” such as active listening, caring and nurturing are key for the world of the future. These things can’t be outsourced or automated and are still going to be important for whatever job you have.
Empathy will enhance all your interpersonal relationships whether personal or professional. Empathy makes sure you respond to any challenge from a place of grace, calm and strength.

But how do you develop it and how do you demonstrate it? Find out on the podcast – this week’s episode is all about empathy. 

And the book will be published 14th February! In all major bookstores and on Amazon.