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Emma Sue’s 7 Skills for the future

The internationally selling book 7 Skills for the Future, published by Pearson Business hones the 7 skills you need to live a life of happiness and purpose. No matter your background, where you come from or your life circumstance when you focus on building the skills of adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive and resilience you start changing your life for the better.

Book, workshops, online modules, resources and exercises

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Online Modules and Masterclasses

Right now all our workshops are being offered online. Choose from FREE bite-sized modules to help you sharpen each of the 7 skills. Upgrade to longer online modules to deepen and strengthen your skills. Take part in live facilitated personalised masterclasses.

Bite-sized modules

Our free bite-sized modules on each of the 7 skills deliver immediate insights and awareness within a 20 minute session

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Want more depth?

Our longer modules are designed to deepen your awareness and skills and include certification and access to live coaching

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Live masterclasses

Our popular live masterclasses are 90 minutes of expert insights and support tailored to your needs

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Our successful and impactful sessions are on hold for now but will return soon.

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