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The first stage is to complete our preliminary questionnaire and tell us more about yourself. Once we have received this, one of our team will get in touch with you to see if we are able to take your application further.



This 2 hour workshop is ideal for strengthening understanding of passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour in different situations. Comprises: Trainer Tips and Notes, Warmer + 2 further exercises, PPT slides, further resources.

Assertiveness for Young People


Duration: 30 mins

Intended for: Young people
Contents: Full trainer notes – contact us if you require Powerpoint slides
Objectives: Explains the difference between passive, aggressive & assertive styles of communication
Demonstrate one technique of assertiveness in a role play situation
Basic understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of passive, aggressive, assertive behaviours
Self-awareness of your own style

Building Personal Resilience Coaching Cards


49 coaching cards to support building personal resilience, each card is an aspect of resilience and are arranged into 4 sections. *Personal Control * Challenge * Commitment * The Best You They have a question or a statement to consider and a tip on each card. The product is supported with a comprehensive pdf downloadable handbook which will be sent by e mail.

Celebrating mistakes and change


Duration: Flexible

Intended for: Any learner group

Contents: Exercise

Objectives: This is a great exercise for exploring our attitudes towards change and towards making mistakes. Useful to do with any group exploring personal development and self-awareness as now, probably more than ever, we need to make mistakes and take risks in order to become more adaptable, resilient and creative.

Chris Dudley: Business Plan Template and Guide


Chris’ Business Plan Template and Guide was created in order to support his clients in bringing their business dreams to life. It forms the core of his mentoring programme, helping you explore and refine your business dreams. The plan supports you from planning to launch, through the important first 6-months and beyond.