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Progressing your Career


The way we work is changing. Our career paths are changing. The job for life is something of the past. Now it’s about reinventing yourself. being sharp, knowing and pushing your competitive edge. Sometimes it’s just about getting the job.



For people who need to communicate effectively, especially in situations in which there is a lot at stake. 2 hour workshop comprises: Trainer notes and tips, warmer exercise + 4 short group exercises to raise awareness of what empathy is and how we can use it more effectively, PPT slides + further activities and resources.

Negotiation Skills Workshop


This workshop takes participants through basic negotiation principles including deciding on and sticking to a bottom line, putting themselves into the shoes of the person they are negotiating with and understanding the dynamics and complexities of a negotiating situation and how different negotiation approaches affect the outcome. 2 hour workshop comprises: trainer notes and tips, 6 short group activities, PPT slides, further resources.

Developing a Positive Attitude


This session will help participants understand better how to contribute positively to workplace discussions or meetings, develop a stronger sense of personal responsibility and better understand how to increase personal motivation. 1 hour workshop comprises: trainer notes and tips, warm up and 2 interactive exercises, PPT slides and further resources.

Decision-making for Young People


These fun exercises help raise awareness of the consequences and impact on others of not making a timely decision and helps build awareness of linking thoughts, emotions and actions in order to make decisions effectively.



These exercises focus on blending essential hard skills like critical thinking and commercial awareness) with building self awareness, confidence, team work and presentation skills giving an all-round intensive day.

Time Management


These exercises will enable participants to prioritise how they use their time and build effective techniques and clear action plans. 2 hour workshop comprises Trainer Tips and Notes, Warmer + 4 exercises, PPT slides, handouts.

Developing Self-Confidence


This 2 hour workshop is ideal for teenagers, not yet in work, to help them build confidence and present themselves professionally. Comprises: Trainer Tips and Notes, Warmer + 2 exercises focusing on personal selling, PPT slides and further resources.