Social Media – let’s rethink

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Social media – we are all on it every day for better or for worse. How we use social media has a huge impact on our happiness and wellbeing levels. Most of us, if were honest, look at it first thing in the morning, numerous times throughout the day and possibly even more in the evening. Social media has lots of positive benefits – from feeling connected to family and friends to learning about new things to being able to access all sorts of products and services. We also use it for work and, well, probably for most things…

Overuse of social media, though, is not so good – but there’s the rub. We are definitely addicted to our Smartphones and cannot resist the urge to pick them up, check notifications, feed into the latest messaging about all sorts of things, whether that is for personal or professional reasons. This has an impact on our attention spans, our ability to properly absorb the main information streams, our productivity levels and the depth of our relationships. The way we use social media also plays a part – if we are engaging in unhealthy dialogue and feeding into collective moaning or simply obsessively clicking to check who has liked our latest post – these are unhealthy behaviour that feed into low self-esteem and low energy returns.

This is not about coming off social media completely. It is about managing our use of it so that it continues to contribute to our wellbeing rather than ill health.

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