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Think January is a long and gloomy month? Think again and get yourself out in nature every single day this month! Personally, January is my favourite month and I know I’m probably in a minority here (in the Western hemisphere anyway) but I just love this contemplative, reflective and really beautiful time of year. Nature teaches us so much. These pics are all taken from my morning walks with my two dogs over the past week or so. Blue skies! Look up! Gorgeous trees!

My mantra since January 1st is to do more of what makes me feel healthy and gives me energy. So – more walking, more yoga, more swimming, more energy-sustaining foods and I’m even doing Dry January – I’ve never done that before. And I feel great and so much lighter (yup, actually lighter on the scales!)….

If January has you feeling blue, anxious or a little bit meh the single best thing you can do is move and get out into nature. Just 5 minutes a day gives you a boost! 

You don’t even have to live in the countryside like I do – just get outside, get to a park, find green spaces, walk and be alone with your thoughts. You will feel better immediately. Nature is like medicine for your soul – and for anyone feeling anxious in any way – it is the perfect antidote. During the Winter especially, we need to get out into nature every day. Not just for that vital Vitamin D because we should go out in it whatever the weather.

Scientific research has proven that being out in nature improves our psychological wellbeing and reduces our stress levels. We are hardwired to thrive in natural environments! We are not supposed to be boxed into rooms without fresh air, glued to screens or hunched over our phones.


I seldom feel either stressed or anxious and maybe I’m lucky that way but just maybe it’s because I’ve learned how to create good balance, switch off, nurture my wellbeing and still be incredible vital, productive and useful. Take 5 minutes and go outside.

PS – get a dog x

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