BSc (Hons), PostGrad Cert in Soft skills and experiential learning
    Digital Project Management specialist

    “Alison was calm,engaging, encouraged others’ viewpoints and offered clarity when needed.”

    Hello I am Alison…
    Following a 15-year career in digital project management, I experienced the pressure, worked long hours, and felt unappreciated by my clients and my team. At the time, I thought the only solution was to leave the industry I love. That’s when I discovered the work of Emma-Sue Prince, author of The Advantage. I began to deepen my understanding of the core skills you need to succeed in your life and your career. Over the last 3 years, I have obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in the delivery of soft skills and trained with Emma-Sue as a licensed trainer of the Advantage. Now I work closely with other digital project managers to provide them the skills they need to thrive in the career they love.

    This [workshop] identifies the experiences and different pressures or emotions a DPM might go through and how this could be improved through small adjustments. I would recommend it.

    “Alison is an intuitive, creative and reflective trainer. She is able to quickly tap into deep issues and help participants reach solutions and come up with ideas. Her experience in digital project management is an added bonus giving Alison a unique steer and strength to support project managers in building awareness of and strengthening the seven Advantage skills.”

    – Emma-Sue Prince, Author of The Advantage