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There are seven soft skills that are vital today. This is not about communication and presentation skills but about going deeper, driving behaviour change that will positively impact approaches to work and life. The Advantage is an experiential learning, high-impact two-day workshop based on the book by Emma Sue Prince and published by Pearson Business. Find out about our Licensed Trainer programme, equipping you to deliver this workshop to your own client groups and target market.

The Advantage book

Emma Sue Prince has encapsulated the seven essential soft skills into The Advantage – a book published by Pearson. The Advantage has been translated into Mandarin, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Arabic and Indonesian.

The 7 Soft Skills

So, what are these personal competences that will give you the advantage? There are seven skills, which are going to help you succeed, get or create that job, find your true strength and fulfill your potential.

The Advantage Workshop

A two-day experiential learning workshop designed to raise awareness of an individuals skills in adaptability, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. These skills are vital in gaining and improving personal and professional success.

Become a Licensed Trainer

A three-day workshop to train the trainer in delivering, The Advantage soft skills programme. The training methodology is based around experiential learning that immediately raises learner awareness.

What people say about us


  • "Having Emma Sue as a trainer helped us to realise what we need to be successful doing our job, not only in supervision but also in leadership skills. Thank you."

  • "I enjoyed how practical the training was... It's the most involved I've got on training."

  • "I enjoyed learning new strategies that will help me both personally and professionally. I enjoyed all the challenges that were set."

  • "The Advantage is great at making people stop and think... I can definitely see it having a role in our training programme."

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