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Lots of people are not that comfortable with going to “networking” events – it can sound too awkward and uncomfortable. But what if networking were a way to meet people with whom we share mutual interests and aspirations? A way to create a supportive and collaborative community and long-term nurturing relationships? I invite you to reconsider.  Go to an event where the subject matter is something you’re truly interested in and there are activities to bond over.

We live in an age where everything seems to be continually changing every single day. We have more information and ways to communicate than we’ve ever had before yet many feel overwhelmed and disconnected. There are skills though, that enables you to be happier, find and do work you love and have a true sense of purpose. They are:


These 7 skills tap directly into our need to be autonomous and in the driving seat of our own lives. And I’ll be talking about them on the 28th June in central London – from 6.30 pm. You’ll meet some great people there from all sorts of industries and walks of life, have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, and find ways to collaborate. That’s because I’ll be hosting and facilitating the networking rather than just leaving everyone to it! That means running activities that break the ice, encourage conversation and collaboration and creating a warm, spirited and engaging environment so you can make long-lasting connections.

You will also find out why these particular 7 skills are so vital right now and I’ll show you some simple techniques and ideas to transform your personal and professional relationships, and provide you with instant calm and balance.

Delicious Summer light refreshments, soft drinks and Prosecco are all part of the experience.

You’ll leave with a gorgeous goody bag, an invitation for free membership, a prize or two and a special and exclusive invitation to the Book Launch of 7 Skills for the Future later this year.

It’s free. Not selling you anything. Just networking pure and simple. Take a chance and see what happens! RSVP by clicking on the link.


Emma Sue Prince runs Unimenta dedicated to delivering soft skills. She is author of The Advantage – the 7 skills you need for success – and currently writing the second edition due to by published by Pearson Business later this year.

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