The Book

By Emma Sue Prince


Our world is changing – so fast, so furiously, so ferociously – that to stand out you need to tap into your own resources and competences. Doing so puts you firmly back into the driving seat of your own life, enabling you to be happier, find and do work you love and have a true sense of purpose. But what are the key competences that you need?

7 Skills for the Future sets the scene for seven new soft skills that will propel you forward. Through a combination of scientific research, no-nonsense advice, practical exercises and case studies, this book shows you how to understand, develop and use:

  • Adaptability – respond better to opportunities and change by being flexible and agileit
  • Critical thinking – think smarter, more resourcefully, creatively and collaboratively
  • Empathy – nurture all your relationships by learning how to listen and be present
  • Integrity – trust, values and honesty are the name of the game now as is authenticity
  • Optimism – be the most positive person you know
  • Being Proactive – respond rather than react and learn to reinvent yourself
  • Resilience – make mistakes, bounce back, learn from experience and move on to the next challenge

By learning how to tap into these essential skills, and understanding how to put them into practice each day of our lives, we can be happier, more effective and abler to cope with change in an uncertain and exciting future

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The skills and competences you need right now are all interpersonal ones, that will help you stay one step ahead in the midst of change and uncertainty, that you naturally have already and can develop more. The Advantage is available in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Arabic and Indonesian, with a special edition available for India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and The Maldives. On the shelves at Waterstones, Foyles and all major book retailers.

Download the sample eChapter to read a short introduction to the seven skills.

The Advantage for… Mini Series

The Advantage for Mid-Lifers


Taking key soft skills from her groundbreaking book and awareness-raising workshops, Emma Sue Prince identifies how you can embrace adaptability and integrity to celebrate the best years of your life. This little e-book focuses on sharpening two key skills that will help you have that advantage and live a meaningful and happy life.

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The advantage

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