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Unimenta webinars bring our soft skills and training expertise directly to your laptop.

Delivered monthly by our associates, our licensed trainers and guest presenters, these webinars give you the opportunity to take part in training and get a feel for exactly what we offer, all without leaving the comfort of your living room!

We have planned an exciting line up of webinars for 2018, featuring our new ‘how to get better at’… series, soft skill shorts and a coaching video workshop led by licensed trainer Chris Dudley.

Unimenta presents

What is…?

The What is…? webinars are designed to introduce some basic concepts around soft skills. Between 10 and 30 minutes long, they offer a beginner’s guide to current topics including experiential learning, mindfulness, cultural intelligence and improvisation.

What is... Mindfulness
What is... Mindfulness

We are experiencing a surge in mindfulness awareness at the moment. And never did we need it more! This webinar explores what being mindful and present really mean and how you can bring simply and quick mindfulness techniques into your every day. As a result you’ll be more productive, calmer and happier.

What is... Improvisation
What is... Improvisation

When we think of improv we think of jazz or comedy. In comedy improv the actors must work together to create a compelling story and plot without a script. Ingenious? Maybe – but these actors are highly trained and use techniques and principles that enable them to do this. Find out how to use improv principles in your own life in this fun, interactive webinar.

What is... experiential learning
What is... experiential learning

When it comes to training most of it is a waste of time and money. That’s because we find it a huge challenge to apply that training to our everyday lives. Experiential learning opportunities are rare but when they happen they can be transformational. If you are a trainer or HR practitioner this webinar is for you. Find out how to inject experiential activities into your training to supercharge learning.

Advantage associate Chris Dudley Presents


Learn the tools and techniques to create a better life with Unimenta Associate and Life Coach Chris Dudley. In this series of 4 webinars Chris is sharing content from his signature A Better Life Workshop and his 3-mionth coaching programme. Packed full of the activities Chris uses with his clients daily, to support them to achieve the life they desire and deserve. By joining the webinars you’ll also gain access to free worksheets from Chris’ ‘Be more tomorrow than you are today’ workbook, to move you out of overwhelm and into control. Supporting you in identifying your negative thoughts and your limiting beliefs. You’ll have the opportunity to define your future and set goals which you’ll make a commitment to achieving. Chris will guide you and provide you with the learning, tools and techniques you need to begin to achieve balance and success in all areas of your life.

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