Winter Optimism

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It’s a brand new year. You’ve probably got a few ideas and plans for how to make this year pop but it’s also January – a time many of us find hard to get motivated again. Knowing how to develop and keep a positive attitude, no matter what life throws at you is vital for being happy. The world is not divided into pessimists and optimists after all. We each have the capacity to be optimistic and passionate about life if we can just learn to breathe, relax and lean into being happy. You have the ability to do just that. Make this year for creating your own happiness.


Join us for this webinar tomorrow – 1 pm GMT 8th January 2019 – it will inject some colour and vibrancy into your January and help you kickstart your year. Optimism is a skill that anyone can build and nurture – I’ll show you how!

What I am talking about is cultivating self-awareness, hard work and healthy optimism. That means being able to accurately assess a situation, being able to differentiate between facts and feelings and having a faith in your own ability to move forward constructively focusing on what you can do in any given situation.

Each of us really does have untapped potential and strengths that we generally are not using to the full. Our current economic and world situation invites us to step up to the plate and examine that potential and dare to live it. We live in an exciting era of opportunity and change is one way of looking at our current pressures in a different light.

Join us tomorrow to find out how!