With new materials added every quarter, our materials cover as little or as much as you need.

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With new materials added every quarter, our materials cover as little or as much as you need. From lesson plans to complete packages that include teaching notes, handouts and customizable PowerPoint slides with eye-catching images, buy what you want, when you want it. Alternatively, become a member to access our resources for free.

All our training exercises and workshops are designed on experiential learning principles and include trainer notes and support material. Anything you buy includes Ask the Expert guidance and tailoring for your unique learner group as well as further related resources, websites, YouTube links and podcasts. If you require something very specific ask us and we’ll create it for you! Want access to all of our workshop resources? Become a member…

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Just need a to deliver a single workshop? Browse our materials by category to find the resources you’re looking for. Or get in touch if you can’t find what you need and let us design it for you!

Storytelling Resources

The shortest distance from head to heart is a story. Trainers who have successfully used storytelling techniques in their training sessions vouch for their effectiveness as a teaching tool, making any session more engaging.

Improvisation Resources

Improvisation is a powerful training tool. These materials give you everything you need to run improv exercise effectively. Improv can be used to build awareness of all sorts of skills from creativity to assertiveness, from team work to leadership and are a lot of fun to run!

Resources For Young People

These exercises are specifically for young people and are designed to be fun, engaging and full of learning. Ideal for those newly entering the workplace as well as teenagers either in education and training or not.

Communication Resources

Communication covers a wide range of interpersonal skills and we just can’t survive now at work or even in life without strong, dynamic and effective communication skills.

Teamwork and Leadership

Being a team member who contributes, supports, facilitates and listens is as important these days as being an effective leader. Skills for both strong teams and leadership include being adaptable, managing self-direction, managing complexity, being curious, creative, being able to take risks and improvise as well as being collaborative.

Employability Skills

Employability skills are a current buzz theme. These skills are as much about being fully prepared to enter the workplace in terms of commercial skills and having a strong CV as they are about self-motivation, presentation skills, having a strong work ethic and being creative and resourceful. These exercises are designed to get young people into the workplace and, once there, equipping them to be effective and valuable staff members.

Free Samples:

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A zip file of samples for you to try before you buy. Comprises typical lesson plans and PPT slides across a number of topics including employability, communication and presentation delivery.