What’s On – Autumn 2021

At the moment most of the Unimenta events are hosted online, this means more people can join us from all across the world too! Scroll down this page to sign up.


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Whats on

Live Masterclasses

Join us on a Monday evening for a bespoke 90-minute live masterclasses. These interactive sessions are tailored for small groups and themed around relevant topics.


Our next monthly masterclass is on 11th October, 6 pm BST: A Piece of the Pie


We are privileged to be supporting doctors arriving from overseas to practice in the UK. We run sessions every year on being proactive, resilience, optimism, empathy and mindfulness.

These sessions for overseas doctors continue in spring 2022.

The Journal

The new 7 Skills journal is now published. Change your life in just 7 weeks by focusing your energy on each of the 7 skills. Guided actions and journaling for each day with bonus pages and tips.


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Season 9 coming very soon! This new season Pivot focuses on interviews with people from all walks of life who have turned their work around. What skills did they draw on to rise up to new challenges? Many of them had to start again or completely rethink what they were doing.

Online Wellbeing

Every Tuesday we run a free half-hour mindfulness session. Join now here

We also work closely with Pearson Education supporting thousands of students at university with a range of brand new resources to support online learning and wellbeing. Learn more about our work with young people.

Blog + Lives

Read our weekly blogs to help you develop skills to improve your quality of life and general wellbeing.  Emma Sue will also be going live on Facebook and Instagram over the coming weeks, stay tuned!

Message us on Facebook and Instagram if there is a topic in particular you would like Emma Sue to discuss.

7 Skills Online Modules

We have successfully launched our self-access interactive online modules for each skill. Our first corporate client Allen & Overy will be running our Critical Thinking module with all their trainees. All skills sessions are live on Pearson UK Learns platform and available NOW right here.

Our Masterclasses


Join us on the first Monday of each month for a 60 minute interactive and fun zoom masterclass

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2021 Webinars

Lunch time mindfulness sessions live every Tuesday 1 pm BST

Wednesday Webinars – interactive networking around a current theme or topic.

At 6 pm BST each first Wednesday of the month

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