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    Unimenta Shares:Jobs of the Future
    Earlier this year, the charity Education and Employers analysed the career aspirations of young people in the United Kingdom aged 7-11 and 17-18 and mapped these against projected labour market demand.
    Next webinar: How to deal with rejection and stay motivated
    This webinar will give a brief overview of what motivates us in the first place, keeping in touch with your “why”, how to play the long game and living by the mantra “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.
    Unimenta Podcast: Welcome to Series 4
    Listen to this introduction to the latest series of podcasts and for some special offers for you this week only!
    OCTOBER Cameron McKenna Nabarro Law Firm, Edinburgh
    Adaptability, Empathy, Integrity and Optimism; Critical Thinking and Being Proactive with CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP in Edinburgh and London. We're looking forward to running more workshops here throughout 2019 & 2020.

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The Advantage – the seven soft skills you need to stay one step ahead, published by Pearson Business and translated into eight languages. Now running as a high impact two-day experiential learning workshop. 2nd edition under the new name 7 Skills for the Future published by Pearson Business February 2019 and already optioned for translation in 11 different countries.

 A-Z Of Happiness
A-Z Of Happiness

Q is for Questions: Want to instantly improve your relationships? Ask more questions. It will help get rid of the assumptions and judgements […]

Eat, think, work
Eat, think, work

Thinking requires energy. Yet most of us waste our valuable thinking capacity and work less productively than we could do as a result. […]

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Write For Us...

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For all the latest training news, research and guidance, and advice on implementing mindfulness and the seven essential soft skills into your daily life.

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Clients Say

  • The follow-up coaching has been very helpful and quite an enlightening experience!  I genuinely do feel that I have now some of the right tools to manage pressure point situations and I have become much calmer as a result.  I have started to see some rewarding results both in my professional and personal life and I can honestly say this is one of the most worthwhile workshops I have attended.

    Anonymous CMS Law Firm
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for being such a staunch supporter of our project and the amazing work that you have been doing. I know that I’ve learnt a lot from you not least because you have been so generous with your time and with sharing your ideas and ways of doing things."

    Annette Zammit
    Annette Zammit British Council
  • "Thank you for all your support and constant assistance. I really enjoyed the course with you,(the webinars, the face-to-face sessions and the assignments!) and believe me I've learnt a LOT from the course. I feel i am a completely different trainer now, very confident and well-equipped with the right techniques and skills."

    Deven Seetaramadoo
    Deven Seetaramadoo PGCE student
  • I think it is really great that CMS offer these workshops and I took a lot from the day itself which had the right combination of active participation, group tasks and some thought provoking videos/examples.  
    Anonymous CMS Law Firm
  • "The Advantage is different because it is not target driven or issues based - it is an holistic approach to soft skills training that can help individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. And it has helped affirm to me how to cope with the 'curve balls' in life."

    Ray Goodman
    Ray Goodman The Advantage
  • Emma-Sue is very intuitive. Has excellent presentation skills. I find that participants including myself like to receive positive or learning feedback to assist in self-growth.

    Anonymous Jewish Orthodox Community
  • The workshop was incredibly useful in highlighting my own behaviours and the follow up coaching has really helped me become aware of a number of aspects of my personality and work habits. It’s been an insightful and interesting journey from start to finish and the lessons will stay with me for life.

    Will Lawrence
    Will Lawrence CMS Law Firm
  • Thank you Emma-Sue. Such a valuable couple of days and I feel so much more confident about what I can do, how to do it better and how I can go ‘offbook’ in the future. It was really fun and you are, by far and away, the best trainer I’ve had the pleasure of being trained by in a long time. I really admire how you worked with us. A real lesson in working with people, thank you.

    Georgie Grant Haworth
    Georgie Grant Haworth Royal Grammar School, Guildford