Trainer, author and employability consultant.

Emma Sue was an excellent trainer and the sessions were extremely useful. Thank you.

Emma Sue is a brilliant trainer. A masterclass in how to structure sessions, build confidence, engage a group, grow them forward. Very engaging.

Emma Sue as a person was very warm and encouraging.

I will keep an image of you like the trunk of the tree you kept speaking about - you give that feeling of resilience, stability and inner peace.

7 Skills for the Future by Emma Sue Prince

Love your work and you’ll never work another day!

Emma Sue Prince is a specialist in experiential learning and believes 100% that this methodology is key to developing life skills and soft skills as it is the only way to develop self-awareness, upon which all behavioural change is based. Emma Sue is author of 7 Skills for the Future, published by Pearson Business in 2019.

She delivers powerful workshops based on her book and does so with many different target groups including “closed” groups such as Muslim communities in Bangladesh and North Africa and diverse groups in the UK including lawyers, doctors and software engineers. She also trains trainers to facilitate using the same experiential methodology. Emma Sue’s successful approach lies in working totally in the moment with a group and with what emerges from that group. She uses drama, improvisation, team-based games and problem-solving which highlight default behaviour and heighten self-awareness.

Emma Sue is passionate about a group developing their own context for the 7 skills of adaptability, empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, integrity, being proactive, optimism and resilience. In this way real and powerful learning outcomes emerge from which strategies, progression and ideas can be defined.

Emma Sue is committed to supporting young people and her workshops are also run with secondary schools, youth offending teams and with young people who are not in education, training or employment.

Her expertise is sought after in emerging and developing countries as well as in the UK training trainers, designing materials and providing consultancy on employability skills. This work has taken her all over the world and has given her a leading reputation in the field.

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