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Welcome to Season 5

I’m excited about this brand new series. It’s great to be back with a whole new Season of exciting topics and interviews linking with the 7 skills. In this episode James and I talk about what’s in store – among other things I am interviewing some fabulous people that I reference at the end of each chapter in the book. These are people who have made it their mission in life to be specialists on being adaptable or being a great critical thinker. From neuroscientists to top authors and thought leaders in their fields these interviews are like attending a mini lecture giving you a huge boost of food for thought! Our other topics are all about hugely relevant areas that help us to develop the 7 skills – always remember, small tweaks = big changes!

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Season 5, Episode 10 – Roundup 

James and I talk about some of the highlights of Season 5 – some absolutely fabulous interviews with amazing people like Dr Max McKeown, Dr Jack Lewis and Alex Soojung-Kim Pang teaching us all about how to maximise our amazing brains, how to be truly adaptable and ways in which many individuals and companies are working less and as a result are so much happier! We also brought back our short episodes where James and I talk about topics connected with the 7 skills – and some of my favourite are the conversations we had about the important of joy, spending time alone and how to boost vitality and balance. Catch up NOW!

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Season 4

In Series 4 I was delighted to interview some pretty incredible people: airline captain Martin Bromileywho overcame great tragedy to create a wonderful organisation to help others, gospel choir director Karen Gibson on finding fame overnight, how to listen deeply with Oscar Trimboli plus so many more. These are all wonderful people who, for me, embody the 7 skills and were so gracious to give me their time, wisdom and insights. Find them all by scrolling through the episodes above or on your fave podcast platform”

Season 3

In Series 3 James and I discuss just why you need to start failing every day, how to think more creatively and fluidly – a key skill for the future, and how to deal with procrastination. I talk to the fabulous Louise Chester, CEO of Mindfulness at Work and Julia Hobsbawm, author of Fully Connected and in demand around the world among several great interviews. Plus how to make even the most boring meeting simply magnificent and the power of fluid thinking”

Season 2

In Season 2 I look at the 7 skills in our everyday lives and actions– we kick off with rethinking how we are interacting with and using social media, in other episodes I discuss the positive impact of a great morning routine, how you can use improv tips for developing the 7 skills, how my dog taught me all about empathy and whether or not integrity means telling the truth always. I also get to interview the delightful Thomas Kochs, Managing Director of Corinthia London, Chris Dudley, one of the UK’s top life coaches and Stuart Goldsmith, a stand-up comedian.”

Season 1

“Our very first season of our brand new podcast – 7 Skills for the Future. In this first series I introduce each of the 7 skills – why we need that skill and how we can easily develop it – loads of tips!.I also interview the incredible Viv Groskop – journalist, comedian and author of How to Own the Room, the inspiring Nathan Martin – Director of Global Thought Leadership at Pearson and Sarah Mercier, a wonderful academic and advocate of wellbeing.”



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  • Adaptability... more than you think! So useful to unpack the subtleties, we think we know what it is and we are on it but a more mindful approach to how we react is key. I am starting tonight by ordering something different from the menu! Looking forward to catching up on the next podcasts, so positive and inspiring, thank you. An essential listen for yourself and as a parent/professional to support young people.

  • Very informative and up to date podcast, clearly detailing the skills needed to navigate our careers and lives in general in this rapidly changing world. I’m a career adviser and a parent and would recommend people listen to this from a personal or professional perspective. Can’t wait to hear the next one. Well done - great work. Great, easy to action advice.

  • Recently started listening to these podcasts. A very digestible mix of why these skills are essential, and easy to action ideas to develop them. I’ve already seen some benefits trying new things, so looking forward to listening to more of the series.

  • Really great for anyone who wants to be fully prepared for life.

  • Essential listening. Fresh, enthusiastic, optimistic. Emma Sue clearly knows her stuff and I look forward to understanding how to develop these skills in me!

  • A great sound bite into essential life skills, happiness is key and these are the steps required... I found myself nodding a lot! Thank you Emma Sue, I am looking forward to hearing your next podcast.

  • I love the podcasts you have come up with! They are excellent as always! Do keep up with these podcasts, they really are great! Well done again!

  • I started listening to the Adaptability episode in search for a classroom activity (I am an English teacher) and then realised there is much, much more in it: about professional and personal aspects of our lives and about making a life quality higher. I recommend it to those looking for an inspiring piece of advice (small things you can do to observe greater results). Will certainly come back for more and will search for the book!

  • I really enjoyed listening to these podcasts, over breakfast and at the gym. Emma Sue is an engaging speaker and her advice is sound and practical with lots of great insights. I was particularly interested in the easy ways to expand my comfort zone - something I could put into practice straight away.

  • I have just started listening to this new series of podcasts - it's great, sound advice, clear and concise and easy to digest on your commute. Great to get an overview of the series and background of the 7 skills we need to help equip ourselves for work and life. Very interesting to hear the key drivers of change and the impact of these on both a personal and community level.

  • The '7 skills for the future' book is fantastic, and this podcast takes it to the next level. Emma-Sue Prince has a great conversational style that makes you feel like she's speaking directly to you. The guests are great, and Emma-Sue allows us to see the variety of ways in which different people implement the skills in their personal and professional life. I am confident guests will be fighting to take part. This podcast has a real opportunity to lead the way we think about soft skills in the UK, and I think this should be mandatory listening for anyone wanting to enhance their skills, working in the field of training or coaching, or seeking to enhance their employees' development. I can't wait to hear more.

  • This easily digestible podcast is essential listening for anyone needing a hand navigating life in our modern world. Emma-Sue sheds new light on soft skills and gives expert advice on how to utilise these in a rapidly changing world to improve personal and professional relationships, gain better career opportunities and much more! I’m very much looking forward to hearing future episodes and reading more in her book, ‘7 Skills For The Future’.

  • I’d like to say I really enjoy your podcasts, especially the one with the tips about starting out in the morning.  For over a week now, I’ve avoided Kindle & co. before bed, used an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake up, lit candles, and delayed screen time, and I’m sleeping well and feeling very good. Many thanks to you!