Have you ever had to make a U-turn? When you realise you need to just turn around and go in a different direction? Sometime life can be like that – knowing when to make that U-turn can be hard though. Especially if it’s the result of changing your mind or feeling like you made the wrong decision for yourself. We are now heading for a brand new decade – a good time for a U-turn methinks…

Here are three ways to make U-turns work for you and be part of your happiness strategy: (happiness strategy? Yes why not!)

1. Make a choice, even if it is a bad one

These days we are bombarded with a wide range of choices, so the pressure to make the ‘right’ decision is huge. That makes it even harder to say that we made the wrong choice. As a result, we may become frozen and unable to change things. ‘But a choice is always better than making no choice at all. ‘Failure is recoverable, regret is much tougher.

2. If things change, admit it and embrace your U-turn

It’s hard to admit to a U-turn and risk looking like a time-waster. A U-turn can sometimes seem dramatic and very public: there’s no way of avoiding gossip or judgement. But if you want to enjoy your choices, you must overcome fear. Remember: a U-turn is not a sign of weakness. Changing tack can be about you being confident in your own choices. Circumstances never remain static, so why should our responses to them be forever locked in their initial form? The best answer often changes over time.

“Don’t ever rule out the option of a U-turn in your life, because one day you will need it! The moment you realize that you are going to the wrong direction, turn to the right direction instantly, with a beautiful U-turn!
― Mehmet Murat ildan

3. Have a strategy and use your U-turn to inspire others

There is no need to apologise for turning back, unless it affects others. You can successfully exit from a U-turn: Explain the reasoning behind your decisions and how you’ve made your new decision in time, Be brave and confident, holding on to your conviction. Your boldness in changing direction can inspire others. Some may even become envious: lots of people wish they had the courage to change course like you

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